Donna Romani

Owner, Creative Director & Lead Planner

Donna Romani has been planning events for more than 16 years. As a public relations executive first in Manhattan and later Santa Barbara, Donna has orchestrated events for upscale clients that include everything from corporate receptions to editor luncheons, conferences, media tours and gala affairs. Attention to detail, professional demeanor and flawless execution are her trademark.

After a decade of corporate event planning, she officially launched Donna Romani Events in 2008. The company continues to excel planning corporate and charity functions, while also growing to specialize in social events and luxury weddings. Today, Donna is best known for her meticulous attention to detail, for her strong and calm presence, and for designing elegant and stylish spaces that give every event a unique sense of personality.

“My whole life has been an obsession with color and paper, schedules and
checklists. I could spend a whole day flipping through linen swatches swooning
over the fabric and textures. For me, planning an event is about building
anticipation for something wonderful. Planning is about materializing dreams
into the many sweet details that make the ordinary become extraordinary.

It is my privilege to be invited into my client’s lives and share their dreams and
their biggest moments. I am their girlfriend, their confidante, their counselor
and their champion.”

Donna lives in Santa Barbara, California, with her husband Luca, their son, and their beloved boxer.