Our Process

Step 1: Getting to Know You

What is your story? Who are you? What are your priorities? Tell us about your customs, traditions and interests. Only then can we imagine the story of Your Day.

Step 2: Conceptualizing the Event

A color palette, a fabric swatch, some texture and fonts. A small personal detail. We’ll pull together snippets of our vision to share and get you excited. Are we on track? Hooray!  

Step 3: Design & Development

Our vision comes to life as we outline every single detail and aspect of the event. We create mood boards, do sketches, create layouts, include linen swatches and paper samples. We believe you need to see it, feel it, touch it – even smell it, to know it’s right. To know it’s you.

Step 4: Collaborate

We love our vendor friends because they are not just fabulous at what they do, but because they are great collaborators. We work with amazing teams that are genuine, passionate and professional – and elevate everyone around them so we can create a truly spectacular day for you.  

Step 5: Planning & Logistics

Here is where my type-A Gets Its Freak On. All of the lists and notes and details, big and small, get pulled together into a timeline that is manageable and seamless. It’s like a chess game where you have to plan five moves ahead factoring what might be thrown at you with every turn – and I love it!

Step 6: Production & Execution

I am like a kid on Christmas morning at install day! I get giddy watching every carefully selected piece of furniture and décor come off the trucks and get loaded into your space. I oversee every detail to make sure it is everything we planned it to be. And on the day itself, we are the first ones on site and the last ones to leave. We’re there for you every step, from making sure all of the vendors arrive as scheduled and have everything they need, to facilitating the entire flow of the day.